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Nettleton Junior High School5

Jonesboro, AR | Craighead County


December 27, 2008

My Thought on Nettleton Junior High as a student in the ninth grade i just think nettleton focuses in on Athletics and thats not right because I see that if you are not in an athletic or dont have money you dont get the respect that others do. So i would say This school isnt as good as others say it is.

Submitted by a student

November 3, 2007

Personally I think Nettleton is a great school district.I've been to numerous schools in Jonesboro but they aren't as clean and there are constantly fights going on at other schools I've been to. None of that nonsense happens at the Nettleton Jr.High. We have tons of extracurricular activites that are very fun. The teachers are very helpful and always willing to listen. The principal is very generous too. I used to get bad grades at other schools,but so far this year I've got all A's. So if you're looking for a great Jr.High school in Jonesboro go here!

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October 12, 2006

As a prvious private school parent, I am somewhat impressed with what was available and the levels at which courses are being taught. I am especially impressed with the English teacher and her course work (7th grade), I am disappointed with guidance and the typical 'lets just put the child in a class' attitude. I believe my child could use expanded electives even at a junior high level. Science, math, business applications, english and language electives to challenge the advanced students. Putting an advanced student in two art classes is minimizing the challenge to that child. There was not enough pushing of the available extra curricular activities so scheduling could have been done at the onset of the svhool year. Once friendships were made. it is difficult to move a student out of classes for rescheduling, especially a student who is new to the area and hungers for friendships and peers.

Submitted by a parent

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